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Reputable attorneys aid Michigan residents in different types of bankruptcy filings

When you are undertaking a bankruptcy filing, our seasoned law firm will ensure your rights are protected. Since 1988, B.O.C. Law Group, PC in Pleasant Ridge has assisted clients in discharging or reorganizing personal and business debts. Our attorneys have a combined 56 years of experience in debt relief and bankruptcy law that has benefited thousands of clients throughout Michigan. We will advise you about the right bankruptcy options for your situation and represent your interests before creditors and the court.  

Experienced lawyers advise clients about Chapter 7 eligibility

In Chapter 7 bankruptcies, some unsecured debts can often be wiped out, which in legal terms is called a discharge. Unsecured debt that may be discharged includes credit card and medical bills, among others. Some unsecured debt, such as taxes, child support obligations and, in most cases, student loans, cannot be discharged. Certain kinds of property may also be sold off to pay back a portion of your debt. To qualify for Chapter 7, you must pass a “means test” that proves you have little or no disposable income. Both individuals and business owners may qualify. Our knowledgeable attorneys can examine your situation and advise you on whether this is the best filing option for you based on the type of debt you have, your income and your property.

Knowledgeable attorneys help people in Chapter 13 filings

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves reorganizing your debt rather than discharging it. It is often called a “wage earner’s plan” because it allows people who have a regular income to develop a plan to pay back their debt. It also allows people to keep their home and car as well as other property, which often makes it an ideal option. How long you will have to make payments is typically from three to five years, depending upon how much money you earn. However, by law it can last no longer than five years. Another benefit is that, during the repayment period, creditors are forbidden from contacting or harassing you so long as you adhere to the schedule. Individuals, including people who are self-employed in unincorporated businesses, can file for Chapter 13. We can counsel you about your eligibility and guide you through the process.

Diligent law firm advises businesses in Chapter 11 debt reorganizations

Chapter 11 allows businesses, including corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships to reorganize their debts. The process starts with filing a petition in bankruptcy court that usually takes place where the business is located or incorporated. After filing, businesses can continue operating as usual, sometimes in conjunction with a creditors’ committee. The reorganization can include changed terms from creditors, release from certain obligations and internal adjustments designed to keep the doors open while improving the company’s financial outlook. Our skilled business bankruptcy attorneys can help you discover whether a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing makes the most sense for your company. 

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Since 1988, the attorneys at B.O.C. Law Group, PC in Pleasant Ridge have helped Michigan clients achieve personal and business debt relief through bankruptcy. To schedule a free consultation, call our firm at (1-800)-800-0899 or contact us online


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